Sunglasses that stand out whether you’re dressed to kill or effortlessly undone.

Welcome to Velvet Canyon. We’ve been waiting for you.
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A hint of gold, bathing in the sun's sweet touch, scattering light across the room. A collection of jewels; treasures passed from hand to hand over a lifetime, millennia, as far back as words can speak. We keep them for our daughters, sons, their children. A gift of the familiar or strange; a token of self, preserved. An Heirloom to keep, and then to relinquish. Introducing our latest collection ‘Heirlooms’, carefully crafted to last lifetimes.

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Sustainability never 

looked so good.

Introducing Acetate Renew, made using regenerated materials in a revolutionary new method, for a reduced carbon footprint and exceptional quality.

Our designs may be inspired by the past, but our focus is firmly on creating a beautiful and lasting future— one so bright, you’re going to need a good pair of sunnies. 

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