How To Be Your Own Lover — A Short Film By Velvet Canyon

'Sun rays filter through the leaves of the oleander, casting dancing shadows on the setting below; a woman, resplendent in her gown, frowns at her wine glass. It appears, at a glance, that it is empty. She wanders down the stairs, the silk of her gown trailing over her body like a soft kiss. Glass once again, deliciously full, she begins the work for the day — she is owed love, and she is here to deliver.


They call her a hedonist as though it’s an insult, but how could it be anything but the highest praise? She consumes joy, she lusts for the finer things in life, she craves decadence and she will indulge.


Presenting, ‘How To Be Your Own Lover’, a short film and mini series by Velvet Canyon. The first step, of course was to find our Sanctuary; a Jacques Couëlle creation found in the South of France was to be our oasis and setting of the film. 'How to Be Your Own Lover' is an ode to self love. A letter written, with adoration, to life itself. A reminder that You. Are. Everything.

With love, Velvet Canyon

Director — Ali Mitton
Creative Direction — Bec Nolan
Producer — Cass Moase
Director of Photography — Dannel Escallon
1st Assist — Samuel Nolan
Stylist — Emily Balius
Beauty — Norien Voskuilen
Production Assistant — Olivia Myers
Talent — Camille Mbaye, Milva Spina & Sandra Morlett
Written By — Ali Mitton & Bryon Whalen

Translation & Voiceover — Alma Chomel