Fun fact: the name Velvet Canyon was not originally intended to be our brand name. It was the name of a short film we had dreamed of creating, around the same time we were talking about starting a brand.

Launching a brand turned out to be all consuming and the idea of a short film was put on the back-burner. But we always knew it was a creative project we wanted to pursue, and suddenly we had a brand that gave us the means to pull it off.

So in September, the whole VC team travelled to Europe, both to shoot our campaign in Spain and to work on the project we'd been dreaming of since before VC existed. 
Here's a first look behind the scenes of our short film, 'La Femme', shot in the South of France. 

Update: Watch the trailer


*cigarettes used during filming are by herbal cigarettes by HONEYROSE London and do not contain tobacco or nicotine.

All images shot by Ali Mitton and Samuel Nolan.
Talent: Maelys Garouis & Charles Crehange
H&MU: Isabelle Kryla
Creative Direction: Ali Mitton, Bec Nolan & Cass Moase


Film to be released April 2019