Social Responsibility

We believe fully and fiercely in positive change, diversity & equal opportunity for all.

We donate 1% of our online sales to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre — because everyone has the right to safety & security. The ASRC provide food, medical care and legal support to refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum in Australia.


Animal Welfare—
We have never — and will never — use animal products in any form. We are 100% vegan and cruelty free and are committed to remaining so.


Modern Slavery Statement—
Every living being has the right to a life free from slavery in any form. We stand against any form of recruitment that involves coercion, violence or threat of violence, forced or bonded labour, child labour and any form of labour without fair and agreed upon compensation and conditions, or any form of labour or working condition which undermines the freedom and rights of any human being.

It is a requirement that any supplier of Velvet Canyon does not participate in slavery in any form, whether or not these employees are directly linked with our business or not.


Diversity & Inclusion—
Discrimination of any kind has no place in our world. We stand behind all people regardless of culture, skin tone, gender, sexual preferences, age, class or religion. We are committed to furthering representation within our campaigns, and our workplace as our team grows.


Our Team & Offices—
In our offices in Byron Bay & Paris, we promote flexibility with working hours and personal days, to support the happiness, productivity and mental health of our team. Our offices are dog-friendly spaces.